If you need some front door decor inspiration to enliven your house, color can be a great way to express individuality. You can make a bold statement or simply enhance the character of your exterior. The front door is the first thing guests will see, so you'll want to make a great impression. More importantly, it's what you'll come back to at the end of a long day, so choose something to lift your spirits and make you feel glad to be home. Consider the age and type of property, its exterior color, and the general feel of the neighborhood. Try to imagine how each color will work at different times of the year and with different seasonal decorations. Depending on the climate, anticipate how would it look in bright sunlight, surrounded by autumn leaves, or in the snow.


1. Fly High with Dove White

Floating somewhere between pale grey and white, this soothing, minimalist shade is particularly good for country homes and older properties. As a neutral shade, it has the potential to be combined with many different color schemes, but it works especially well if the rest of your exterior has warmer tones.

Front of resort with door and window on blue backgroundFront of resort with door and window on green background WINEXA / Getty Images

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