Decorating goes far beyond what we see when we first walk into a room — it impacts the way we feel. Beautiful furniture is a great start, but it’s the personal touches and attention to detail that take it to the next level. A living room is a communal space, a place you share with family and friends. Your decor, on the other hand, is personal. It should reflect who you are, your tastes, and your sense of style. Wall decor is key to creating a room that is welcoming, comfortable, and uniquely you.

Make a bold statement with large-scale art

The obvious choice for wall decor is art. But a gallery wall isn’t the only solution to fill a big, empty space. To transform a bare wall into a visually striking one, think large-scale art. The bigger the piece, the bigger the statement. Let the colors of the art guide your paint and other decor selections. Tall, narrow walls are perfect for vertical art. Don’t stop at paintings or prints, though. Consider vintage maps, oversized photos, and heirloom signs from a local antique shop, yard sale, or flea market.

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Fabric wall hangings add dimension and color

If you’ve been looking at the same framed art on your living room walls for too long, try three-dimensional hangings instead. Highly textured fiber art hangings add color, warmth, and personality to a dull room. Choose colors that enhance your current decor. Brighten up a bare corner or focus on a specific architectural feature and decorate around it. Look for sustainable or up-cycled blankets, rugs, and hangings, or stay within a tight budget with pretty tea towels, which are always available in a wide array of colors and patterns.

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Feng shui your walls for balance and positive energy

Furniture arrangement is an important first step for good feng shui, but don’t overlook your walls. Some wall decor leaves the room feeling crowded and cluttered. Start by getting rid of any art or decorative item that has negative feelings attached to it. If you don’t love it, don’t hang it. Choose art that not only complements the room but features colors and designs that inspire you. If you’re seeking to cultivate growth and new beginnings, go for greens, blues, or teals, for example. Or, add wall planters full of living green plants. Earthy, neutral colors ground us. Wood sculptures or earth-toned textile wall hangings create a comforting space that enhances self-care.

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Big clocks are an ideal centerpiece for a living room wall

They may seem like outdated timepieces, but giant clocks fit a wide array of interior styles. Need a focal point in the room? Clocks are an easy fix. You’ll find an endless variety of shapes and colors to choose from, ranging from beautifully intricate designs to simple or rustic. Choose a clock with an interesting or eye-catching design, such as a vintage frame or an ornate face, and it becomes a work of art. Or create a gallery effect using the clock as a centerpiece; hang framed photos or other decor around it.

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Turn your favorite collection into wall art decor

No matter what you collect, there’s a way to turn it into a one-of-a-kind decor idea for your living room wall. The secret is to share only the best of what you’ve amassed and create a balanced display. Use color, placement, and blank space for an attractive and inspired presentation. If you’re using shelves, they should be the foundation, not the focal point. Not sure what to show off? Consider your collection of china or porcelain plates, books, pottery, baskets, or tole-painted trays. Some individuals focus on items from specific decades or eras — if it means something to you, it can become art.

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Propped mirrors are an alternative decor idea

Mirrors not only add light to interior spaces, but they also add depth and spaciousness. Interior designers often incorporate mirrors into wall decor, hanging them in groups or using a single large, decorative piece to create a focal point. If you’re seeking a less linear feel, try propping an oversized mirror against a wall. It will provide the same design benefits as hanging, while adding a distinctive, contemporary vibe. Don't discount the visual appeal of items the mirror will reflect, either.

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Stenciled mirrors add artistic flair to bare walls

Turn plain mirrors into works of art with stencils. Craft stores have an endless selection of designs you can use to copy an image onto glass. Or, if you can’t find one that achieves the look you’re seeking, make your own with one of the many online stencil guides. Embellish words, geometric shapes, designs, faces, animals, or landscapes using frosted glass spray or acrylic paints in the colors that complement your living room decor. Transform a plain mirror with minimal personality into a unique piece of art you created yourself.

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Create a spirit animal wall

The idea of spirit animals is not a new concept, but one that dates back to indigenous cultures and ancient beliefs. Some people feel a special kinship to certain animal species and say they gain emotional benefits from them. Whether you favor a fierce, majestic bear, a gentle, slow-moving sloth, or your favorite feline or canine, design a themed wall in your living room to reflect that deep connection. Thrift stores and sites that sell artists' work offer tons of affordable animal-inspired art, from contemporary paintings to cultural graphic designs and wall sculptures.

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Books as art are decorative and add geometric interest

Bibliophiles love reading, collecting, and admiring books. No matter what sort of attachment you share with literature, reading materials are undeniably an effective design element. Use floating shelves as an attractive base for displaying your books. This style of shelf works in spaces of almost any size and can hover over doorways, surround a fireplace, or serve as a centerpiece on a larger wall. Install ledge shelving and arrange the books, cover-outward, on the shelf to add splashes of color.

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Enhance small spaces and odd angles

Limited real estate on your walls doesn’t mean you can't make space. One piece of art stuck on a wall often makes the room look even smaller. Why not fill the walls with creative artwork, mixed media, or special vintage items you’ve collected over the years? Liven up a bare corner with a balanced line of evenly spaced, similar prints that extend on either side of it. Create a theme wall focusing on your athletic, artistic, or professional pursuits. Combine framed prints with themed shadow boxes for a spectacular multi-dimensional arrangement.

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