Your bedroom serves many functions. It's the space where you sleep, but it can also be where you relax, work, study, or play. You can still have lots of opportunities to decorate and design the bedroom, even if it is small. A tiny room doesn't have to be a dark and cluttered area. There are many ways you can make the most of your space with these ideas for small bedrooms.

Save floor space with mounted lights

An easy way to make a room feel spacious is to choose mounted lights instead of table or floor lamps. A romantic lighting idea is to have a space-saving sconce light hang on the wall above your bed. You can also have a light that is attached to a swinging arm so that it has better mobility and can easily brighten up different sides of the bedroom. If you don't like the idea of looking at a light fixture, you can also install pot lights directly into the ceiling.


Capitalize on natural and artificial light

A well-lit bedroom will appear much larger than a dark one. You can utilize natural and artificial lighting methods to make the room bright and airy. If the bedroom is dark, it can feel claustrophobic. Avoid blocking any windows with clutter as it will cast shadows on the walls. You can have multiple light sources to brighten the environment, such as different lamps, pendants, or decorative overhead lighting like a chandelier.


Use floor-to-ceiling drapes and hang mirrors to create the illusion of openness and space

A popular way to make small bedrooms appear larger is to use floor-to-ceiling drapes or mirrors. Having curtains that are longer than the window will add to the length of the room and make the space seem taller. You can also use lighter colors for the curtains to enhance this effect. Mirrors will help reflect the light that the window lets into the room. If you place your mirror in the correct spot, it can create the illusion of a larger area.


Opt for sleek or tall furniture

To make the most of your space, you can choose to display sleek or tall furniture in your bedroom. You can make the area feel larger by including a tall bookshelf or cabinet. This type of furniture will draw the eyes upwards towards the ceiling. Sleek furniture also makes the room feel larger. This type of furniture's smooth and glossy surfaces will make the room feel brighter and more open.


Leverage vertical space for storage

Use as much vertical space as you can for storage to clear up the floor area. This will allow for better mobility within the space. When you are able to freely move in an area without feeling cramped, it will make the bedroom feel more spacious. Remember to also avoid creating additional clutter when storing items on hanging shelves. Having clutter on the walls can make the room feel busier and smaller.

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Give your furniture a second function

Your bedroom can be utilized for a multitude of different functions. While the primary role of the bedroom is a place to sleep in, you can also use this environment to work, study, and play. By having multi-purpose furniture, you can make the most of this space. A great idea is to get a Murphy bed. This kind of bed has the ability to be folded up into the wall when it is not being used for sleeping. Having a bed with built-in storage is also a fantastic way to optimize the space.


Don't be afraid of color

Bedrooms don't need to be exclusively white to feel spacious. You can choose to feature a particular color. Bright colors can energize you, while cooler colors can create a relaxing atmosphere. Having multiple colors in a single room can cause different items to clash and make the room feel busy and cluttered. It is better to choose a single color and make the room monochromatic. This easily ties in all the different elements together for a pleasing visual experience. It will also create the illusion of a wider area than what actually exists.


Create an accent wall

You can make a tiny bedroom feel larger by segmenting the room into different areas with an accent wall. For example, you can paint the wall near your bed a different color than the zone near your desk. This creates a mental separation between where you sleep and where you work or study. An accent wall can also generate visual interest in the room. There are many different options on how to create an accent wall. You can paint the wall, put up wallpaper, or set up a colorful gallery wall.

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Add plants in hanging planters for life and decoration

Bring the outdoors in by incorporating plants into your bedroom. You can add hanging planters to maximize the space in your room. By having some greenery in your bedroom, your brain will associate it with the wide-open spaces outside. Having houseplants in your room will also make your room feel fresh. Plants can improve the air quality in your surrounding area to help make it an enjoyable place to stay.

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Stick to minimalism

Finally, the key to making the most of your space with a small bedroom is to keep it simple. You can simplify the elements of the space by using minimalism. This style will help the room feel less cluttered. By having fewer pieces of furniture in the room, you can make the place easier on the eyes and appear more spacious. Remember that you will also need to keep the room tidy. You can make the bedroom a more enjoyable environment if you keep the space clean.

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