The textile trend in home decor is huge, but it isn't anything new. Macramé in particular is enjoying some serious time in the spotlight.

Although many of us immediately think of the '70s when we hear macramé, it was actually around several centuries prior. Ancient Babylonians reportedly used woven knots and fringe as decoration in the 13th century. Macramé eventually made its way to Europe before spreading around the world.

Today, you can't scroll on social media without coming across macramé. The look is somehow chic, rustic, cozy, and modern all at once, making it perfect for any decor scheme.


Macramé hanging planters were huge in the '70s, and it's easy to see why. They add a subtle, earthy touch of decor to any room and draw attention to the greenery. Hanging planters are also a great way to incorporate plants into your decor without using any floor or counter space.

You can hang them directly on the wall or on a hook from the ceiling. For an indoor garden effect, try hanging a few planters in a cluster at different heights.

Two macrame hanging planters in a bright room FollowTheFlow / Getty Images


Focal point

Oftentimes, macramé decor elements are smaller accent pieces, but no one said that's a rule. Why not opt for a dramatic centerpiece for your wall? It's eye-catching understated at the same time, and it fits easily into any home decor style.

If this trend appeals to you, opt for a piece with several layers or tiers and different textures or colors for interesting depth.

A large rustic tiered and draped macramé wall hanging FollowTheFlow / Getty Images



Macramé garlands are a fresh, modern way to seamlessly incorporate the trend into your decor.

They can be used to accent a specific shelf or a gallery photo wall, or hung from a windowsill, a baby's crib, a fireplace mantle, or a doorway. You can also hang multiple garlands together to cover the entire length of a wall, a bed, or an outdoor gazebo.

A fringed macramé garland hanging on a plant stand KuznetsovDmitry / Getty Images


Incorporate color

Although macramé hangings are usually a shade of white or cream, they certainly don't have to be.

Brighten up your space with a touch of subtle, earthy color in the form of a colorful macramé hanging. It can be something as simple as different-colored fringes hanging down from a rope or something a bit more cheeky, like a rainbow with clouds made of fringe.

A macramé rainbow wall hanging against a wooden backdrop Bogdan Kurylo / Getty Images


Gallery wall

Macramé has so much interesting texture and depth naturally, and grouping multiple pieces together really enhances that.

To nail this look, choose pieces in different styles and sizes. For example, consider dreamcatchers in multiple sizes paired with a long fringed tapestry and a garland. Hang them close together or even layered over one another.

Several macramé hangings of different sizes clustered together on a wall petrenkod / Getty Images


Above the bed

Hanging a large macramé piece directly above your bed is a hot design trend. It creates the look of a rustic but oh-so-chic headboard and can really enhance the warmth and coziness of a bedroom.

There's no wrong way to achieve this look, so try going for one large, statement-making macramé piece or opt instead for a few smaller pieces hung together.

A large macramé wall hanging above a bed in a neutral-colored room Yuriy Kovtun / Getty Images


In the bathroom

Macramé is most commonly seen in bedrooms and living rooms, but who says it can't be in the bathroom?

To create a dreamy, relaxing vibe in your bathroom, consider hanging up some macramé pieces, especially around the tub. Planters or dreamcatchers are both excellent choices to reflect freshness, but a hanging macramé shelf or mirror would fit in seamlessly, as well.

Several macramé wall hangings in a bathroom surrounding a claw-foot tub Ayman-Alakhras / Getty Images



Macramé lampshades and chandeliers are trending in a big way and are an excellent way to easily incorporate the boho look into any space.

For a bright and airy look, choose a light-colored macramé, but for a more dramatic look, opt for a gray or even black style. This methodology works especially well when you choose the opposite of a room's decor scheme: A single hanging black macramé pendant lamp in an otherwise bright room offers interesting texture and contrast.

A black macramé hanging lamp in a modern living room KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images


Accent piece

Even the most minimalist decor styles can incorporate color or a main statement piece.

If this trendy home decor idea appeals to you, choose either a complementary or contrasting color based on the room the hanging will go in. Sometimes opposites attract. For example, blues often pair perfectly with deep mustard and golden tones, and deep purples match up well with light greens.

A deep golden-colored macramé wall hanging in an open, airy room FollowTheFlow / Getty Images



Dreamcatchers are fabulous in their own right and work well in home decor. While many of them already have woven elements, a 100% macramé style has a distinct contemporary vibe.

A macramé dreamcatcher would fit right in almost anywhere in the home, but it has some special appeal in a bedroom or nursery.

A large macramé dreamcatcher hanging on a living room wall FollowTheFlow / Getty Images


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