Your living room is probably the most used space in your house. It's where families and friends socialize and where you relax watching TV or reading a book after a long day. Having a living room that is comfortable, stylish, and cozy can make all the difference. The best living room colors to use in your home will depend on when you use the room most. If you usually use your living room during the day, lighter colors are best, whereas if your living room is an evening room, warmer colors create a homely feel.


1. Crisp white

Using white in your home maximizes natural light and makes rooms appear larger. If you spend most of your day in a living room that is on the smaller side, white is the perfect color for you. Having a living room with white-colored walls also gives you a wider choice of furniture styles, and you have the option to add decorative pieces of any color. If you want to add a pop of color to a white living room, colorful cushions and vibrant artwork are the perfect solutions.

Minimalistic white living room ArchiViz / Getty Images

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