There’s no room in the home that reflects human culture more than the kitchen. It’s the heart of the house, supporting traditional activities like food preparation and family meals, but it’s also a room where we can control our nutritional needs, focus on our health, and explore our creativity. Kitchen decor should reflect our lifestyles as well as our unique personalities and taste. In our kitchens, wall decor can work twofold, adding functionality and surrounding us with colors and textures for a space that’s uniquely ours.

Create a wood board rack for hanging pots and pans

Transform simple wood boards into low-cost, functional, and decorative wall decor. Attach narrow wood planks to the wall; you’ll find a variety online or at your local lumber yard. Stain the boards or paint them to match your kitchen’s decor. Add decorative hooks in a staggered arrangement, and hang your cookware from them. DIY wood board racks or shelves are also great for displaying cooking utensils or your favorite coffee cups.

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Transform a coat rack into decorative kitchen wall decor

One way to add unique touches to home decor is to take an object that has a specific purpose and use it in a new and creative way. Coat racks are perfect for kitchens. Hang aprons, cooking tools, or decorative tea towels from the hooks. Look for models that also have a shelf, perfect for displaying collectibles, plants, and other decor.

Kitchen Wall Decor That Defines Your Space


Repurpose a small filing cabinet for additional storage

If your kitchen has limited storage options, why not repurpose a small metal filing cabinet to add functionality and brighten up empty wall space. Spray the cabinet in a bright, inviting color to enhance your decor. Attach a cutting board on top and add a towel rack on the side. It’s a perfect addition to an eclectic design sense. Hang framed art or kitchen-inspired decor on the wall above to add interest.

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Add a DIY dining nook table

Some kitchens just don’t have the room for a dining table and chairs. If your kitchen has limited floor space, create a dining nook against an open wall. This is a simple way to use open wall space in an efficient, decorative way. Refurbish a small table or make your own by transforming a plywood board into a tabletop. Stain or paint it in your choice of colors, then coat it with polyurethane. You can find inexpensive, unfinished table legs and hardware online or at your local home improvement store.

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Add a chalkboard wall

Chalkboard paint transforms a plain wall into a writable surface that you can adapt to your needs. It’s a perfect decor idea for the kitchen. Chalkboard paint’s flat finish enhances a rustic or distressed look. In a predominantly white kitchen, it creates a unique and intriguing focal point. You’ll discover a range of chalkboard paint colors, from classic black to green, gray, and even purple. Create a giant message board, calendar, or a highly visible space to jot down recipes. Add daily doodles or inspirational messages. If you don’t have a large, open wall, consider painting the recessed exterior areas of your kitchen cabinets to create multiple writable surfaces.

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Create framed art with kitchen themes

Frames offer a huge array of decor options for an empty kitchen wall. Display antique kitchen gadgets, eating utensils, or family heirlooms using glassless frames or shadow boxes. Distress a frame, then use stencils on the glass to paint quotes about cooking or food, old store signs, or messages that focus on family traditions. Several frames in a variety of shapes and sizes make for an eye-catching gallery wall.

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Use jar-and-shelving combos for useful kitchen wall decor

Storing dry goods can be a challenge. People have learned the hard way that leaving unsealed or opened food in a cabinet or pantry can attract critters. Beans, pasta, seasonings, and other dry goods can be stored in glass or other storage jars on shelves to create colorful, striking wall decor. Personalize or dress up the jars using craft paint designed for glass. Create DIY labels to identify each jar’s contents.

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Create a unique backsplash

The wall areas between kitchen cabinets and the countertops, as well as behind the sink, are generally tiled to protect against water damage and food preparation mishaps. But for those seeking an interesting, creative route, there are compelling options that add even more color and texture. Consider a mosaic backsplash instead of the standard tile. These collections of stone, tile pieces, or glass depict a pattern or scene. You’ll find tiling options in a variety of geometric shapes as well, from circles to hexagons. Create a one-of-a-kind, artistic backsplash that highlights your creative flair.

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Coffee stations add functional charm

An empty corner can be easily transformed into a practical and stylish coffee station. Repurpose a small cabinet, dresser, side table, or bar cart. Add wall shelves above for additional storage options. Coffee-themed wall art or decorative mugs provide color. Store coffee beans, sugar, and filters in handy, decorative screw-top jars. Use drawers for stockpiling coffee pods, stirrers, and other coffee essentials. Make use of unique, colorful trays underneath the coffee equipment for easier cleanup.

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Living walls are a foodie’s dream

A kitchen with ample sunlight is a prime location for a living or green wall or vertical garden. Research shows that humans are happier and more productive when nature and greenery surround them. It reduces stress and mental fatigue. Living walls can also provide a constant source of fresh herbs to add to recipes. Choose herb plants that require similar care to make day-to-day care easier. Use wood pallets, wall-mounted planters, or frames to create your wall. Or, attach pegboards to an open wall and hang small planters from them to create a green decor arrangement. A simple shelf of planters will do the trick, too, if a whole wall feels overwhelming.

Kitchen Wall Decor That Defines Your Space


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