Planning and designing a new bathroom can feel like a daunting task. Making the best use of space, choosing furniture and fixtures that work for you, and creating a particular look are all important parts of the process. A well-designed bathroom can have a big impact and can be a valuable addition to your home. Finding the best bathroom design ideas means that you can create a functional and stylish bathroom that is a pleasure to use for years to come.

Adding value to your home

A great bathroom is not only a joy to use, but it also adds value to your home and increases resale potential. People consider replacing a bathroom to be an expensive and arduous task, but if your bathroom makes a good impression, buyers are more likely to choose your home over the competition.

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What to consider

The most important aspect of designing a bathroom is to make sure that it fulfills its purpose. Think about who uses the bathroom. Does it need to serve one busy professional in a city center condo, or a suburban family with children? Designing a bathroom that suits your way of life is paramount.

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Finding your style

Look around for bathroom design ideas that you love. Homestyle magazines or design websites are the best places to find inspiration. Take a look at bathrooms you use when out in restaurants or at other people's homes to get a feel for what you like, or don't like. Consider color schemes, accessories, and furniture placement to build up a picture of your ideal bathroom. Do you want to make a bold statement, or do you want muted and classic?

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Available space

The space you have in your bathroom will be a big factor in determining the furniture you will need. Do you need a bathtub or will a shower cubicle suffice? Do you have space for a vanity unit or will you need to fit a compact basin? These questions will narrow down your options and help you make the right choices.

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Working to a budget

Once you have decided on what furniture you can fit into your bathroom and the styles you like, you need to work out your budget. Luckily, there are some excellent budget bathroom ranges as well as high-end luxury options. You'll also need to factor in additional costs such as tiles, flooring, accessories and fitting costs if you don't want to fit it yourself.

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Choosing a bathtub

A bathtub is often the first thing people notice when they enter the bathroom. Choosing a particular style, size, or shape of bathtub can create a defining look. A freestanding tub can make an elegant addition to a bathroom that has plenty of space. A standard fitted bath takes up less room and is practical for young families. For awkward shaped rooms, a corner bath may be the best solution.

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Walls and flooring

Bathroom wall coverings and flooring can be both extremely practical and also stylish. Once you have identified which options fall within your budget, look at how suitable the materials are for a room that is frequently hot and humid. Surfaces need to be easy to keep clean, as mold and mildew can easily build up in a well-used bathroom. The ideal bathroom flooring needs to provide adequate grip to prevent slipping. Tiles are a popular choice for both walls and floors, as they are easy to clean and come in a color, finish and style to suit every taste.

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Making a statement

The bathroom is the ideal room to make a statement. Imagine the impact of a copper freestanding bathtub in front of the backdrop of a feature wall. If a traditional white bathroom suite is more to your taste, brightly colored towels or accessories can brighten up the space. At the other end of the spectrum, an entirely neutral and classic bathroom makes a statement all of its own. A little creativity goes a long way in a room with so many possibilities.

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Once you've had your new bathroom installed, you will want to keep it looking as good as possible. Adequate ventilation allows air circulation and prevents mold. An open window is a good start for getting fresh air into the room, but it doesn't go far enough. An extractor fan ventilation system is the best way to ensure that damp doesn't take hold. Consider cost, noise and where to position the fan in the room when deciding on an extractor fan system.

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The finishing touches

Once the basics are covered, add the finishing touches to create your dream bathroom. Draw upon the calmness of being near water with a nautical or beach theme. Add personal touches like family photographs or personal collections to put your stamp on the room. There are numerous inexpensive ways you can add individual touches to create your perfect bathroom.

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