A new year is a time for beginnings and welcoming in change. It's also time for a new Pantone Color of the Year, and 2020 is all about Classic Blue. This cool color is genderless and timeless — the perfect hue for the new decade. Like a favorite pair of jeans, Classic Blue doesn't fit just one lifestyle or trend. It pairs well with a variety of patterns, textures, and attitudes without competing for attention. The calming hue also inspires creativity in your space. What's not to love about this year's vibrant choice?

Incorporate Pantone's Color of the Year into your interior design for a fresh perspective. From complete room makeovers to thrift store flips, Classic Blue elements in your interior design will inspire a year of confidence and mindfulness.

Make Classic Blue the focal point of the room

Blue is a deep, natural tone that fosters meditation, inspiring creativity and effective communication. Try making Classic Blue the focal point of a social space in your home. A blue living room wall draws visitors' attention with its soothing appeal, making even the shyest guests feel comfortable. Classic Blue is also the perfect choice for a bedroom since this deep tone is reminiscent of a darkened sky. Consider painting your child's room in this stylish shade to help soothe anxieties in the evenings and rejuvenate the senses in the mornings.

A Classic Blue wall brings peace and calm to this child's bedroom. KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images


Incorporate blue elements into a neutral space

Blue is a classic color in interior design, but committing to it can be challenging. Perhaps you're wary of devoting an entire wall to such an intense shade, or maybe you're renting, and painting isn't an option. You can still bring the vibrancy of Classic Blue into your space with a few curated pieces. Add some solid blue or patterned pillows to a neutral couch, or freshen up a white kitchen with hand towels, placemats, and wall hangings. It's also the perfect color palette to showcase that heirloom, blue-and-white ceramic china you inherited. Such sentimental pieces add depth to your decor while remaining on-trend.

Classic Blue linens and dishware add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral space. artpritsadee / Getty Images


Keep your designs on-trend for 2020

Design and fashion trends for 2020 are fresh and exciting. Pantone's choice to go with Classic Blue symbolizes confidence and serenity while Benjamin Moore's First Light, a dusty pink hue, is an optimistic and fun approach to accent colors. The soft hue pairs elegantly with Classic Blue, balancing the cool undertones with its subtle warmth. 2020 is also the Year of the Rat in Chinese culture, and this year's lucky colors are white and blue. Attract success, prosperity, and health with metals and lucky colors following feng shui principles, and complement them with this year's trending shades.

Classic Blue pairs elegantly with dusty pink and metal finish accents. KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images


Create excitement with complementary colors

The calming energy of Classic Blue is a grounding force, even in a space with bold and eccentric tones. If you're inclined to make a statement with your color scheme, choose the shade opposite blue on the color wheel: orange. Complementary hues create interest and balance, and this classic combo is sure to brighten anyone's mood. Add surprising splashes of this citrus shade to a serene color scheme, or use a deeper blue to tone down a pumpkin-colored wall. Wood finishes also complement Pantone's Color of the Year. Showcase wood furniture and floors against blue accent walls, area rugs, and accessories.

Classic Blue furniture pops against an orange wall. Artjafara / Getty Images


Choose a down-to-earth color palette

Take inspiration from landscapes; a blue and green palette is ideal for creating a relaxed and nurturing space. Whether you're designing a quiet sitting room or a luxurious bathroom, this down-to-earth look evokes the serenity of nature. Use Classic Blue furniture to emphasize deep green walls, or incorporate various shades into a neutral color scheme for a quick and easy update to the look of your space. Accent your decor with houseplants in blue flowerpots and vases.

Green and Classic Blue combine to form a relaxed, earthy color palette. cherry7966 / Getty Images


Use Classic Blue accessories in everyday life

Pantone's Color of the Year isn't just for interior decorating. Classic Blue is classic for a reason, and you can't go wrong with a few statement pieces in your wardrobe. A blue umbrella or rain boots in the mudroom instantly become part of the decor, while a denim jacket or Classic Blue blazer on the coat rack can add an unexpected pop of color. Make the sunglasses or handbag you always throw on the table seem intention by opting for this bold tone.

A Classic Blue accessories left in the foyer become a part of the decor. Yasuko Inoue / Getty Images


Flip a thrift store find

Some of the most rewarding shopping experiences occur at local swap meets or thrift stores. Finding that one-of-a-kind chair or lampshade feels like a win when it matches your design aesthetic perfectly, but other times, those hidden treasures require a bit of a facelift. Transform wood furniture with a coat of blue paint or a color wash, and reupholstering secondhand furnishings can be easier than you think. Personalize a few quirky vases or glass jars with a coat of Classic Blue paint. For added interest, use blue paper to create book covers for old novels, and place them on a shelf or end table.

A vintage armoire is transformed with a Classic Blue color wash. bellanatella / Getty Images


Recreate an art piece in Classic Blue

The timeless quality of Classic Blue is evident in its tendency to show up in traditional design. From European dishware painted with cobalt oxide to Frida Kahlo's Blue House, this contemplative tone is universal in its appeal. Spruce up your living space with some artwork in shades of Classic Blue. If you're trying to stay on budget, try your hand at an original art piece, or look for some templates online. You can also use a cyanotype photography kit to print unique images at home. Perfect for weekend projects, this traditional process elevates art projects to a whole new level.

Cyanotype prints are a clever way to incorporate Classic Blue into your home decor. slovegrove / Getty Images


Paint an accent wall to anchor the room

If your interior design budget is limited, you may wish to focus on a single project to keep costs low. This strategy streamlines your design while making it easier to purchase fewer high-quality supplies. Stay on-trend without breaking the bank by painting one accent wall in a vibrant Classic Blue. A fresh coat of paint quickly transforms your space without adding clutter. Accessorize with blue linens and trinkets, or decorate in neutral tones and let the accent wall do all the talking.

A Classic Blue accent wall makes an elegant statement in a bright room. tulcarion / Getty Images


Make a statement on your street

Classic Blue is a refreshing and confident Color of the Year. It commands attention without overwhelming the senses and easily fits into existing color palettes. If 2020 is your year of change, why not let it be known to the neighborhood? This deep hue is a solid foundation for any color scheme and endures through changing seasons and trends. Classic Blue enriches the warmth of natural wood siding and complements peach tones perfectly. White is another quintessential color pairing, perfect for Mediterranean and nautical themes.

A Classic Blue front door evokes a confident and serene household. Marje / Getty Images


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