If you want to have a great-tasting, fresh cup of coffee every day, you need to regularly clean out your coffee maker. Unfortunately, not all of us remember to clean them as often as we should. In fact, studies show that as many as half of all classic coffee makers have mold and yeast growing in their reservoirs. Even if your coffee pot doesn’t have mold, it almost definitely has a buildup of coffee residue and mineral deposits that are affecting the flavor of your coffee.


1. How often to clean it

Generally, you should be rinsing as many parts of your coffee maker as you can after each use. This doesn’t need to be an in-depth scrubbing, but you should make sure to clean obvious residue. Deeper cleaning is necessary at least once every three months. If your area has hard water, meaning water with high mineral content, you probably need to clean your coffee pot once a month. For those who happen to have a newer coffee maker, it may tell you exactly when you need to clean it.

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