The entryway is one of the most important parts of the home; designing an entryway that's bursting with color, life, and personality makes for an entirely different experience when you come home or when visitors come over. However, it can be a challenge to design a beautiful, functional entryway whenever you have limited space. Whether you live in a small apartment, a house with a narrow entryway, or an elaborate tent in the countryside, none of that should stop you from design the perfect entryway. There are all sorts of tools and methods to economize on space and craft an amazing tiny entrance.


1. Mix Up the Colors

A diverse selection of colors can make your entryway feel brighter and bigger than it might be. Painting in any combination of the colors of the rainbow is a great way to design an entryway that really suits you. That said, there are also great options for more reserved entryway styling.

"Home in Arizona or Mexico showing turquoise blue stucco wall, red door and orange pumpkin. Door flanked by terracotta pots with local cacti." kokophoto / Getty Images

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