Face it. Bedrooms are for more than sleep. Otherwise, you could just set up a bed and call it a night. Even if sleep were the sole attraction, consider the time investment. You're supposed to get 8 hours of sleep each night. That's a third of your life spent in bed. You probably don't get enough sleep. And you don't spend all your nights at home. But it's clear that you still spend plenty of your life in your bedroom. With that time investment, it makes sense to design a welcoming space that you enjoy — even love.


1. Choose a central theme

Designing around a theme is a universal decorating practice. It helps you create a cohesive look, while still allowing you to express your tastes and preferences. Don't be too rigid with your theme ideas, though. Otherwise, you may end up with a cheesy or overly cutesy room. Be open to weaving varying styles into your overall theme. For example, don't assume you must stick to blue and white stripes for a beach theme. Your color scheme can include greens, neutral tones, white, corals, yellows, grays, and even red accents. Your lamps need not be made out of anchors or seashells. Instead, add to the look with color, tone, and texture.

This marine themed room uses color, plants, and a few small accent pieces to bring together a beach feel. Artjafara / Getty Images

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