Face it. Bedrooms are for more than sleep. Otherwise, you could just set up a bed and call it a night. Even if sleep were the sole attraction, consider the time investment. You're supposed to get 8 hours of sleep each night. That's a third of your life spent in bed.

You probably don't get enough sleep. And you don't spend all your nights at home. But it's clear that you still spend plenty of your life in your bedroom. With that time investment, it makes sense to design a welcoming space that you enjoy — even love.

Choose a central theme

Designing around a theme is a universal decorating practice. It helps you create a cohesive look, while still allowing you to express your tastes and preferences. Don't be too rigid with your theme ideas, though. Otherwise, you may end up with a cheesy or overly cutesy room. Be open to weaving varying styles into your overall theme.

For example, don't assume you must stick to blue and white stripes for a beach theme. Your color scheme can include greens, neutral tones, white, corals, yellows, grays, and even red accents. Your lamps need not be made out of anchors or seashells. Instead, add to the look with color, tone, and texture.

This marine themed room uses color, plants, and a few small accent pieces to bring together a beach feel. Artjafara / Getty Images


Maximize a small space

If you have lots of space to work with, congratulations. Lucky you! Make the most of it. But many of you are working in limited areas. Your bedroom design ideas should incorporate space-saving elements. Here are some tricks to try:

  • Use your walls instead of floor space — install floating shelves and sconces.
  • Dual-purpose furniture is your friend — try a decorative side chair that doubles as a bedside table or an over-the-bed headboard and shelving system.
  • Embrace minimalism if it suits your style — get rid of your headboard and non-essential furniture.
  • Play with color — light hues may feel more spacious, but dark tones create a cozy feeling you may prefer.

When decorating a small bedroom, look for ways to open up your space and eliminate clutter. Use lighting, colors, and multi-purpose options.

No matter how small your space, adding your own style transforms your bedroom into an oasis. KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images


Design for relaxation

When decorating, remember the primary purpose of your bedroom is rest and relaxation. Skip the live-work space ideas for this room. Neutral, muted hues are typically more calming than bold, bright choices. If you love color, use it. But opt for the softer shades of your favorite tones.

Don't ignore the importance of your lighting choices for creating a mood. Choose three-way lamps or install dimmers. Add candles for relaxing ambiance. Imitate a spa feeling with aromatic plants, flowers, or an essential oil diffuser.

Create a space for quality downtime in your bedroom. KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images


Strategize storage ideas

Clutter is a decorator's nightmare. Incorporate form and function in your bedroom with clever storage ideas. You'll find an insane amount of products designed for this purpose. Take advantage of them if you have the budget and the inclination. Keep your decor elements in mind when you make your purchases.

For the enterprising decorator, storage tips and hacks are plentiful, too. Here is a tiny sampling:

  • Under-bed drawers
  • Wall-mounted crown molding shoe racks
  • Corner clothes rack
  • Built-in headboard storage
  • Radiator shelf
  • Corkboard jewelry storage
  • Pegboard wall organizer
  • Over-the-door clothes hooks
  • Bookshelf wall

With a little research and your own ingenuity, you can come up with other solutions to meet your personal bedroom storage needs.

Wall storage units are a smart use of limited space. runna10 / Getty Images


Make the most of your walls

Your bedroom walls are a blank canvas for your decorating fancies, whims, and desires. Use paint, wallpaper, murals, wall art, and lighting to design the look you want. Add board and batten or create your own art gallery. Customizable wall art, murals, and hanging rugs give you free, expressive reign.

With strategic wallpaper application, you can create a high-end look for any bedroom. terng99 / Getty Images


Splurge on your bed

Your bed is the star of the show. Your bed frame, headboard, and bedding choices should have tremendous impact on the entire theme and style of the room. Four-posters, canopies, lush quilted headboards, and simple platform beds all make their own decor statement. Add carefully-selected sheets, quilts, blankets, comforters, and pillows. Now you have a theme. Run with it.

An iron scrolled headboard and earthy-toned quilt complement this Tuscan Farmhouse Bedroom theme. mdmworks / Getty Images


Be creative with your closet

Don't ignore your bedroom closet just because it's behind a door. Give that space some love. Start with a vigorous clean out and reorganization. Then dress it up with a few fun decorating touches. Add color and light with paint or wallpaper. Install lighting or stick-up lights, depending upon your budget. Give it appeal from the outside, too, by painting your closet doors. If you have sliding doors, replace them with decorative curtains and a stunning curtain rod.

Decorate a closet you can be proud to display. ArchiViz / Getty Images


Shed some light on it

Lighting sets a mood, and the proper illumination can be helpful for relaxation and rejuvenation. Lamps, sconces, candles, and rope lights are a few of the many choices you have for adding decorative accents through lighting. Create an atmosphere — drama, romance, sensuality, charm, or glamour. Consider practical applications, as well, like reading lamps and task lighting.

Use a combination of lighting elements to create an intimate, secluded space all your own. Oksana_Bondar / Getty Images


Add something extra with area rugs

Complement your theme, add some drama, or simply elevate your bedroom decor with an area rug. Rugs are also a simple and decorative way to cover up worn or damaged flooring.

Examine how differing styles, patterns, colors, materials, and weaves will look, last, and wear. Size and placement are important aspects, too. Go as big as you can to pull a look together. But, consider proportions. Use your bed as a foundation for placement and size.

This creative floor covering gives the minimalist decor of this bedroom a bit of flair and individuality. NelleG / Getty Images


Try different textures and textiles

Boost the aesthetic of boring, bland, or neutral bedroom decor with texture. The simplest way to introduce new textures is with plants, pillows, weaved baskets, and bedding. Take it up a notch with fiber art and shag rugs. Or go all out with an upholstered bed. If you're more adventurous, consider some uncommon ideas:

  • Textured wallpaper or paint
  • Standing tree branch art
  • Fabric-draped walls
  • Wood paneling
  • Marble slab or tiles

Be inventive, original, and simply have fun with it.

The upholstered bed frame, plush area rug, fluffy accent pillow, knit throw, glass jars, and plants illustrate how differing textiles make for interesting design. KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images


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