Disorganization, clutter, and disarray can make it difficult to enjoy your home. It minimizes your available living space, which isn't only annoying. All that mess can be dangerous to navigate. It's also unattractive. Home decor and design are lost in the confusion. So is a lot of your stuff. It's much more difficult to find the things you want and need when your house is disorganized. Banish the mess. Surround yourself with clean, organized spaces that reflect your personality. Give yourself room to breathe, think, and produce. Fall in love with your home anew by rediscovering its purpose and beauty.


1. Snap pictures

Photos are an excellent way to memorialize your before and after home organization journey. But, more importantly, they help you visualize what you have and where you want it all to go. Pictures are helpful when you start to inventory your possessions in the next step. Be sure to snap photos of the items you donate for your records.

Woman Taking Pictures of A Living Room in Model Home with Her Smart Phone. Feverpitched / Getty Images

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