If you're into crafts, then a glue gun is as important as a frying pan and a good knife for an aspiring cook. There are so many things you can do with this remarkably convenient tool. It melts solid glue and allows you to place it in a pinpointed way depending on what your project requires. Large amounts of glue can be used to affix different things together, as can very small drops to attach very small, minute details. Below are some genius glue gun projects that will make you want to rush out and buy a glue gun as soon as possible.


1. Write Signs in Glue

The amazing thing about hot glue guns is that the glue itself can come in different colors. And with a number of different features like sparkles and glitter. This allows the glue to be more than just a bonding agent. It is also a medium to be used for artistic crafts as well. So with the right color of glue and surface, the glue itself can be a piece of art. Signs can be created on the right materials, like table numbers on pieces of wood at a wedding, or just homey signs with cursive sayings that can be hung in a home or put on a desk.

Write Signs in Glue

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