When you’re expecting, one of the most exciting parts is discovering the gender of your baby. Of course, you want to involve all your friends and family in the discovery. Make the most of it, whether that’s making a mess with paint and confetti or keeping it subtle with some cake. There are a million ways to reveal your baby’s gender, so do what feels most authentic to you. This is your family’s moment, so own it!


1. Piñatas and balloons

While some might think it’s a bit cliche, one of the classic ways to reveal a gender is to use a piñata or a massive balloon. Doctors often give you the option for a sealed envelope that holds the baby’s gender. If you take this letter to most major party stores, they can set you up with a pinata or gigantic balloon that will keep the gender hidden, even from you. At your party, simply build up to the reveal and smash the piñata, releasing pink or blue candy, confetti, or balloons.

hit pinata party reveal vladans / Getty Images

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