There was a time when you just grabbed an old table, put the TV on it, and that was all you needed. But, with the advent of flat-screen TVs, people require a sophisticated approach to providing more of an environment around their entertainment. Go into any store and you’ll see just how much people are willing to pay for someone else’s idea, whereas for a fraction of the cost, you can create your own customized console. Even if you have a small apartment with tight accommodations, you can make an entertainment center that looks just as good as, if not better than, the more expensive store-bought solutions.

Cable Drum

All you need is one cable drum and some wood boards. Cut the cable drum in half lengthwise. Attach reclaimed plywood or a large wooden board to the flat side of one half of the drum. Mount your flatscreen TV to the plywood or wooden board, above the cale drum. The half cable drum becomes a small table and storage unit with a built-in mount for your TV above it. This is one of those DIY TV stand ideas that's a great way to recycle old industrial materials.

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Pipeline and Wood

Combine pipe and wood to create a futuristic look. For this design, you can repurpose copper fittings or use more modern galvanized pipes as the frame. Sand and stain the wooden planks to your liking. Create enough space between the top and second shelf for your mounted TV, or build a simple TV bench with your TV mounted on the wall above it.


Cinderblock Media Console

This DIY TV stand is so simple that it can probably be called a hack. Create two shelves by adding two blocks on each side, place one piece of wood on top, add one block on each side, and then the second piece of wood on the top. Or simply place a beautiful piece of reclaimed on one or two cinderblocks and call it a day.


Pallet TV Media Console

Turn simple pallets into a timeless media console. First, disassemble the pallets and sand them down to remove splinters and make them smoother. Mount one side of the pallet onto the wall, and add the TV to it. Then reassemble the pieces in whatever design you want to make with recesses to hold your gaming equipment or DVDs. A quick design note: Use a nice dark wood stain to give them a sleeker look.


Floating TV Stand

This is a DIY TV stand that allows you to get creative and elegant. Decide the layout and what kind of speakers you want to use. Once you’ve done that, start measuring the planks. Cut out the necessary pieces for wiring and accessories in the large plank and bolt it to the wall. At the bottom of that plank create a ledge to support the cabinet, which will be lifted about 6 to 8 inches off the floor.


Stacked Apple Crates

Apple crates have a rustic look and feel, and the good thing is that you can get them from any local hardware or craft store. Choose three sturdy crates that can hold your television. Place two of them top-side-out, giving you space for stereo speakers or books. With its bottom up, place the third one on top of the other two and add the TV.


Wall-mounted Corner Stand

If you don't have enough space and still want something that’s daring, how about doing a TV stand without legs. A wall-mounted corner stand maximizes the limited space and provides a unique entertainment experience. Get two or three pieces of wood and bolt them into both sides of the wall. Add the bracket and mount the TV. You can even create a little ledge above the TV and add your speakers.

wall-mounted bracket legs Mumemories / Getty Images


Easel Stand

For those who believe that their flat screen TV is a work of art, this will be a perfect project. To create a traditional tripod stand, find three pieces of long wood that are strong enough to support your TV. Then connect them into the correct formation with the help of a few screws and nails. Finally, install a ledge for support when you mount the TV. If you want to make this portable, add wheels to each leg.


Corner Pallet Stand

You’ll need four angle brackets and two wooden pallets. First, cut each pallet in half and sandpaper the edges. Use two angle brackets to secure them at a right angle, so that they fit in the crevice, while the other two brackets bolt the pallets to the wall. For the TV, use a tilting wall mount that you maneuver to ensure it sits on the stand. For added functionality, place three thin pieces of wood in the slats to make adjustable shelves.

slats adjustable shelves

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Fireplace TV Stand

This fireplace TV stand is a major project that will leave you with a healthy sense of self-satisfaction. First, precisely measure and cut pine boards that will be used for the frame. Use the heaviest board for the mantle. Once you’ve made the frame and the space for the fireplace, nail and clamp the pallet boards over the frame to make the design stronger.

fireplace pine boards JamesBrey / Getty Images


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