Cleaning your microwave is one of those things that no one expects to be as tricky as it is. Especially when you go without noticing tiny spills for a long time, and they get baked in after weeks, months, or years of usage. Regular cleaning with techniques will save you from having to battle caked-in grime. That said, if your microwave looks like a warzone, don't despair! No matter how bad it looks, there are always methods that can clear up those food stains and get your microwave looking like new.


1. Use a window cleaner-water solution

You can water down a gentle window cleaner and apply it with a rag to soften any stains and burnt food in your microwave. Since most households already have window cleaners, this mixture is an easy solution. A 1:1 ratio of water to window cleaner is ideal. Once you've scrubbed your microwave and let it sit for a while, it should be easy to take an abrasive sponge and get the job done. You can use hot water and a washcloth to get rid of the scent window cleaner leaves. If you can still smell the cleaner, scrub the interior of your microwave with hot water and let it dry as necessary.

Microwave oven dirty, rust and old

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