Everyone craves something new from time to time. That includes where you live. But even if you plan to stay put, making some changes to your surroundings can give you a fresh, happier outlook.

Fortunately, it won't take too much effort to refresh your home. Invest a little time, money, and elbow grease. And you can make some dynamic changes to your home on your own.

Upgrade your interior and exterior doors

Add some color to your home with a newly painted front door and a chic new door knocker. If you have the funds, spring for a new door. Choose one with window cutouts to allow natural light indoors. Purchase it at your local hardware store and install it yourself.

You can also brighten up your home indoors by painting your interior doors. Consider adding trim for some extra pizzazz. This is a simple project that only requires a few tools, like a saw, hammer, sandpaper and tape. Materials include molding, wood glue, finishing nails, filler, and paint. The finished products are unique doors with character.

View of a Beautiful House Exterior and Front Door Seen on a London Street


Refresh your kitchen with a few weekend projects

Kitchen upgrades top most home renovation wish lists. But professional makeovers in this room can be lengthy and expensive. If you don't have that kind of time and money, take it down a notch with some short-term, simple DIY transformations.

Two effective and trendy DIY renovation ideas are cabinet and backsplash makeovers. You can create a whole new look by painting your kitchen cabinets and installing peel and stick backsplash. These projects are fairly simple to do over a weekend or two.

Changing out your kitchen faucet has a big impact, as well. Pick an upgrade that makes life easier when you're preparing meals and washing up after meals. Removal of your old faucet and installation of your new version is a straightforward process. Some online research can guide you through it.

Young husband and wife making renovation plans in a kitchen department of a home improvement store. A woman is pointing at something to the man. Extreme Media / Getty Images


Spruce up your bathroom

No plumbing expertise is required when you use spray paint to update your bathroom fixtures. Paint your sink and shower hardware with oil-rubbed bronze or matte brass spray paint. Finish them with a layer of high gloss lacquer. Use painter's tape and drop cloths to protect the surrounding surfaces.

If you're a real DIY pro, replace your faucet and sink vanity. If not, re-stain the cabinet, instead. Then treat yourself with a new shower head that features multiple settings and sprays.

Bathtub in the loft interior asbe / Getty Images


Give the exterior of your home some TLC

Curb appeal is a big part of your house aesthetic. Give visitors a good impression with a clean exterior. Wash your siding, stucco, wood, brick, or stone surfaces to renew the appearance and extend the life of your home's exterior. Rent a power washer for top efficiency.

Laying a stone or brick path is a simple way to add charm to your home. Smaller projects that offer big impact include painting your fencing and railings and upgrading your mailbox and its post.

outdoor floor cleaning with high pressure water Tatomm / Getty Images


Renovate your windows

The extent of your window upgrade depends on your skill level. If you know what you're doing, DIY window replacement has many benefits. New panes can lower your energy bills and raise your indoor comfort level.

Want a less intimidating project? Install window film. It's a clever way to enjoy some of the same benefits as window replacements. And with the many decorative options now available, window film also has cosmetic advantages. Complete the effect by repainting your window sills and frames. Go all out, and install wooden shutters or blinds.

Young man with working tools renovating home domoyega / Getty Images


Change up your light fixtures

Once again, a few coats of paint can deliver results when you don't have professional DIY skills. Give your old light fixtures a distinct look with the application of a new color, finish, or stain. Finish the project with decorative LED bulbs for more impact and energy savings.

For those of you who are confident in your basic electrical skills, light fixture upgrades may be in order. Try some local auctions to root out great deals on elegant or funky chandeliers and pendants. You might want to add a ceiling fan, as well.

You may be surprised to learn what a difference small changes can make. Flamingo_Photography / Getty Images


Add interior accents

You can transform the look of any room in your home by painting the walls. Accent walls are also making a resurgence. Choose one wall in a room to add bold color to or apply wallpaper.

Adding board and batten to your walls is another trendy option. Choose from a variety of wood types to create the effect — fir, pine, cedar, white oak, or redwood are good options. Install the boards vertically, horizontally, or create a pattern using both directions.

Use textured wallpaper for your accent wall to make an even bigger impression. ExperienceInteriors / Getty Images


Make over your laundry room

It seems like there's never enough storage area for all your stuff. But are you making the most of your laundry room? With some clever space-saving ideas and gadgets, you may be able to free up valuable storage space and keep things more organized. Floating shelf installation is a smart storage method for small rooms. But if you have the space, purchase storage racks to place in your laundry room.

Portable cabinets help keep things neat and orderly, while making laundry time easier. gerenme / Getty Images


Create dual purpose areas in your garage

Your garage can be used for more than car storage. If you add insulation, you can extend your living space. Create a home office, playroom, man cave, or design it for whatever purpose suits your needs.

Apply an epoxy floor coating to your concrete garage floor to give it an indoor feel. Lay an area rug to make it cozier. Then add the furniture and electronics you want to create your extra living space.

Transform part of your garage into a recreation area. quackersnaps / Getty Images


Lay new flooring

Changing out your flooring is an easy DIY project that delivers big rewards. Rip up old, worn carpet or flooring, and put down linoleum or vinyl tiles to revamp your interior. Flooring is available in a wide range of materials, patterns, and colors. So, you can create any number of looks and designs with this project. If your budget allows, opt for quality ceramic tiles or hardwood.

A woman working in her home on a do-it-yourself project installing laminate wood flooring. She is placing the board, as seen from above. RichLegg / Getty Images


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