Prioritizing time together is essential for cultivating healthy, happy relationships. Dating isn’t just for new lovers; married couples need to keep the home fire stoked with shared, relaxed experiences. However, dating regularly can easily become like another chore without an element of fun every now and then. Marriage counselors often emphasize the importance of keeping fun in a marriage. Fortunately, you don’t have to leave home and break the bank to rekindle your flame. Build a stronger relationship and craft amazing memories together with these budget-friendly at-home date night projects.


1. Post Your Visions

Turn a board and magazine cut-outs into a real-life Pinterest board of your dreams and goals. You and your partner might decide to create one collage each for different areas of your lives, such as dream jobs, educational goals, or relationship building. Vision boards should emphasize how you want to feel, not just things you wish for. Begin with a poster board, corkboard, pinboard, or plain paper. Have scissors, tape, or glue on hand for adding images and quotes from magazines. This project not only allows you to visualize your and your partner’s dreams, but it can also motivate you to pursue those aspirations long after date night. It can be done on a computer; however, it would lack the multi-sensory appeal of a tangible board.

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