The front porch of a home is a reflection of the family inside and serves as a visitor's first impression of your home. It's also a relaxing retreat for people who enjoy watching the world pass by. Whether you want a welcoming space for guests, boost your home's curb appeal, or to create a cozy nook to enjoy on your own, giving your front porch a little TLC will go a long way. All you need to get started is some creativity and elbow grease. You might even find some of the required materials hiding in your garage or hall closet.


1. Personalize it with monograms

A popular trend in home decor is the monogrammed planter. These letter-shaped flower boxes can be hung or leaned against the wall for a personal touch. You'll find plenty of DIY tutorials online if you want to make one yourself, but crafting sites like Etsy and Pinterest are a convenient marketplace for custom monogram shelving. Fill your planter with colorful flowers, succulents, or even herbs for a tasty touch.


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