You see decorating trends changing each year, and sometimes as quickly as one season to the next. And as your tastes and styles evolve, your home decor should reflect these shifting preferences. Sticking with the same styles, colors, and furniture arrangement is boring and stifling. Take a look around your living room. Does it still reflect your taste and personality — or did it ever? Do you want a whole new look? Are there just a few things you'd like to change? The good news is that you can easily transform a room with a few decorative ideas and tips.


1. Try some texture

Give your living area warmth and interest with new textures. Do this with textiles, interesting accent pieces, and natural elements. Hang a mirror for a shiny, reflective surface and lay a woven area rug for contrast. Using throw pillows is a simple way to introduce texture. They're available in many different fabrics and textures from satiny smooth to knobby to fluffy. Double the coziness factor and toss a throw on your sofa for more texture and snuggling under when it's chilly

A brick wall, shag rug, velvety pillow, plants, and abstract art give more dimension to the minimalist furniture in this living room. cunfek / Getty Images

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