If you’re a coffee-lover, creating a place to brew and enjoy a cup of java is easy, innovative, and fun. You don’t have to be a construction pro or spend a lot of money. Use your imagination and repurpose objects from around your home to set up a unique, personalized version of the perfect coffee bar. Show off your favorite coffee-inspired decor or try out your arts-and-crafts skills to build your version of a caffeine-dream cafe.

Get decorative with creative ways to display coffee cups

Who says you need to hide your favorite coffee cups in a cabinet? Hang a shelf to display them. Or, use a kitchen wall rack originally designed for hanging pots and pans. Add hooks to worn-out shutter blocks, then customize them to fit your decor, whether it’s shabby chic or clean contemporary. Create a shadow box-type display for your coffee mug collection. You can find unfinished versions of compartment shadow boxes at your local hobby store. Add a frame and some colorful paint to create a one-of-a-kind display.


Repurpose a cocktail cart

Short of floor or counter space? Make your own coffee-bar-on-wheels using a cocktail cart. The shelves provide visible storage for all your coffee paraphernalia, plus, you can easily move it on cleaning days or relocate it if you’re changing up your decor. Look for metal or wood versions and repaint them to add color to your coffee corner. Add baskets to store pods and other essentials.


Modify an old bookshelf or bookcase

Bookshelves are generally a single, wall-mounted shelf, while bookcases are free-standing pieces with multiple shelves. Either of these items can be used to fabricate an amazing coffee bar. Repaint them with your color of choice or try a distressed-wood painting technique for a rustic vibe. Add energy-efficient LED reel lights to light up your creation. A removable backing reveals a sticky strip that allows you to place the lights wherever you wish.


Add a decorative sign

If you’re looking for a focal point to tie your coffee decor together, nothing works as well as a decorative, DIY sign. Choose a family motto, a personal perspective, or a saying that sums up your love of the magic brown bean. Use materials you find around the house. Reclaimed wood provides the perfect canvas. You can even make stencils to create your inspired revelation.


Convert some counter space

A lot of coffee lovers place their coffee machines on the counter. Take things a few steps further and designate a section of counter space as your official coffee bar area. Start with a handy coffee cup tree to display your favorites. Add shelving if you have wall space above the area to store barista tools, syrups, and other coffee necessities. If not, store your essentials in decorative crocks or canisters.


Add space-saving, floating shelves

The beauty of floating shelves is that they fit just about anywhere you want to put them. Shelf kits are easy to install and affordable for most budgets. With these handy creations, you don’t need to convert a piece of furniture or take up workspace on your countertop. Floating shelves come in a variety of shapes and styles, but they also have weight limits, so keep that in mind. Some require tools, others don’t. They’re a perfect way to create a free-standing coffee bar or to add storage above a counter-style coffee bar.


Go for a minimalist look

If you love the tranquility of minimalist decor, there’s no reason you can’t reflect that with your coffee bar space. Focus on white as the dominant color and add splashes of color to make your brew area pop. You’ll find coffee makers in a wide array of colors. Canisters are a perfect fit for holding coffee pods and adding to the minimalist feel. Repurpose an unused or garage-sale piece of furniture for the bar itself and repaint it in a crisp shade of white to complete the design.


Use chalkboard paint to define your coffee bar space

Stake your claim for a coffee station area using chalkboard paint to define it. This ingenious paint allows you to turn just about any surface into one you can write on. Use painter’s tape to section off an area you’ve designated for the coffee bar. You’ll find a massive variety of chalkboard paint colors available, so you don’t have to stick to the traditional black or green that you remember from your school days. It’s easy to apply over a previously painted wall or an unpainted surface. Best of all, you can write on the surface, then clean it off, just like a chalkboard.

chalk wall display KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images


Make your own rolling coffee cart

Let your imagination run wild and create a rolling coffee cart. Whether you love warm industrial, urban, modern, contemporary, or traditional interior decor styles, you can build a DIY rolling coffee cart to reflect your tastes. No material is off-limits, as long as its surface is washable. Creative coffee lovers have chosen unique components such as pipes from a local hardware store, reclaimed wood, old bed frames, and drawers, to create their mobile coffee carts. You can even take a stationary cart and add some wheels to the bottom to make it rollable.

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Create a coffee nook in your kitchen cupboards

A coffee bar doesn’t necessarily need to be a separate piece of furniture and you don’t have to put up shelves to create a coffee nook. Save cabinet and floor space. Transform a kitchen cupboard from a storage space to a full-on functional solution to house your coffee gear. If your cupboard has removable shelves, try adding a pegboard to the back wall for hanging tools and cups. You can even add pull-out shelves for functional, added convenience.

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