If you’re a coffee-lover, creating a place to brew and enjoy a cup of java is easy, innovative, and fun. You don’t have to be a construction pro or spend a lot of money. Use your imagination and repurpose objects from around your home to set up a unique, personalized version of the perfect coffee bar. Show off your favorite coffee-inspired decor or try out your arts-and-crafts skills to build your version of a caffeine-dream cafe.


1. Get decorative with creative ways to display coffee cups

Who says you need to hide your favorite coffee cups in a cabinet? Hang a shelf to display them. Or, use a kitchen wall rack originally designed for hanging pots and pans. Add hooks to worn-out shutter blocks, then customize them to fit your decor, whether it’s shabby chic or clean contemporary. Create a shadow box-type display for your coffee mug collection. You can find unfinished versions of compartment shadow boxes at your local hobby store. Add a frame and some colorful paint to create a one-of-a-kind display.


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