Rustic decor is a simple design style that focuses on using natural materials like wood, stone, or clay. This aesthetic features sturdy and practical furniture that showcases the beauty of subdued tones. The rustic style can be used in almost any interior setting to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. There are many ways you can use amazing rustic decor to boost your mood.

Mountain lodge

One way to style your space to improve your mood is to fashion it after a mountain lodge. This style uses natural, wooden furniture that is neutral in color. If you are not geographically close to a mountain view, you can frame a mountain landscape to emanate the same effect. Mountain ranges are typically in colder climates, so many mountain lodges have warm, heavy blankets. You can replicate that comfortable feeling by wrapping yourself in a warm blanket at home.


Ski chalet

A cozy après ski can instantly boost anyone’s mood. This rustic ski chalet style encourages a relaxing reprieve after a long day at the slopes. To capture the ski lodge style, you will need to have an element that brings warmth to the room. A fireplace is a popular ski chalet focal point. Another in vogue item to have at a ski lodge is a jacuzzi. You may already feel your stress melt away, thinking about sitting in a warm hot tub in a rustic ski chalet.


Cottage style

Cottage style spaces are quintessentially rustic. These spaces evoke a peaceful ambiance that can vastly improve your mood. Cottage style rooms primarily feature wood for both the furnishings and the walls. The rooms are typically small and cozy. Textiles like a quilt can help contribute to the rustic, cottage style of a room. You can feature a quilted bedspread and matching pillowcases on a bed or a sofa. In addition, you can try to find rustic furniture that retains the knots in the wood.

Wooden bed in wooden cottage wbritten / Getty Images


Country farmhouse

You can excitement your room after a country farmhouse to create a truly rustic space. This style requires a well-built, wooden table with no tablecloth. Complete the kitchen dining set by pairing the table with hand-crafted, wooden chairs. The kitchen evokes the feelings of the countryside from its images of farm animals. You can choose to have decor items that follow a particular rustic theme to complement the space. For example, you can have rooster-themed kitchenware to add to the room’s rural atmosphere.

Country farmhouse kitchen Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images



For a worldly yet rustic feel, you can design your space in a Parisian way. A key element is to have tall, open windows. Natural, wooden furniture can also add a feeling of je ne sais quoi to the room. You can enhance the luxurious feeling of the space by featuring an antique mirror or a gallery wall. Another key to the Parisian style is to place your furniture and decor close to the window so that you can enjoy the view.

Parisian apartment with rustic furniture lechatnoir / Getty Images


Beach home

Create a relaxing, calming, rustic environment by styling your space after a beach home. This type of room uses cool colors like blue and navy to remind you of the water. You can highlight the beach theme by featuring seashells and sand dollars on the decor. Another way to showcase the beach theme is to add a natural element. You can add natural materials to the room by displaying dried seashells or bottled sand.

Seaside house with beach-themed furniture Janine Lamontagne / Getty Images


Get eclectic

An eclectic style involves combining a little bit of everything to create a unique space. This distinctive aesthetic typically features mismatched furniture with bold colors or prints. An eclectic home can help bring out your creativity. Use wallpaper with an interesting print pattern. You can also bring in a natural element to the space by having a variety of houseplants. Display all your favorite pieces of furniture and decor together to create this quirky decor.

Eclectic living room with furniture IPGGutenbergUKLtd / Getty Images



Flaunt your love of horses in a rustic, equestrian-inspired room. You can display your favorite photos of horses in wooden or antique frames. Remind yourself of the beauty of horses and the countryside by adding equestrian-inspired decor to the room. This decor can include horse statues, leather saddles, and horseshoes. A fun, thematic item to include for young children is a rocking horse.


Rustic farmhouse

A rustic farmhouse focuses on a simple life. Food is one of life’s greatest yet simplest pleasures. Upgrade your kitchen to include copper pans to both improve your cooking abilities and add to the rustic feel. Make your kitchen an enjoyable space by displaying fresh cut flowers in the center. You can add to the ambiance by having a bowl of fresh fruit to give your room the feel of a farmhouse. The room should also have comfortable chairs for visitors who would want to enjoy the space.

Rustic farmhouse kitchen Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images


Classic aesthetic

To showcase the classic rustic aesthetic, utilize thick wooden ceiling beams in the room. High ceilings will help maximize the space and make the room feel open. Boost your mood instantly with lots of natural light. Clean, simple colors will also help the room feel more focused and less cluttered. You can also showcase other natural materials like textiles in a rug or dried flowers to add to the classic feel.

Classic rustic dining room xavierarnau / Getty Images


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