Everyone needs a little leisure time now and then, and creating space for it with a game room is a perfect DIY project. Whether you want a special space devoted to family night or a spot to host game nights with your friends, all it takes is some creativity to make something awesome. From board games to movie nights, there are plenty of options for turning your house into the epicenter of good times.

Make space for tournaments and game nights

If you have the room for it, hosting game nights at your place is a great way to spend time with friends. Creating a game room establishes a defined space for tournaments and game nights you want to host. Add purpose to a house party by turning it into a foosball tournament or a Dungeons & Dragons championship. A game room encourages gathering and gives you an excuse to spend quality time with friends and family a little more often.

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Small spaces can work as a game room, too

When working with a small entertainment space you have two options: Build a game room around one kind of activity, or get games that don't take up a lot of space. For the first option, if you love a big table game, such as pool, air hockey, or foosball, you could design your room around that table. Prioritizing how a larger game into your design will ensure you have the room for it and that the room functions as a comfortable space. As a second option, prioritizing quantity means sticking to smaller versions of big games. Then with a simple coffee table, you have space to play pool, board games, mount a TV, and more. Think about your entertainment priorities and adjust for size.

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Look for multipurpose pieces

If you're working with a smaller space, get the most out of your game room space with pieces that allow you to play multiple activities. Arcade machines and game consoles excel at this because they come with hundreds, if not thousands, of games, all in one device. Another good idea is to get board games that are two-in-one, such as chess and checkers. There are also big table games sets, such as air-hockey tables that double as billiards, foosball, and/or ping pong.


Leverage vertical space

Any room can be a game room, as long as it is big enough to accommodate the games and types of entertainment you want to include in your game room. If you're working with an especially small room, or want to get the most out of your designated game space, look to your walls as prime game real estate. Set up darts, movie projectors, rock climbing sets, or wall-mounted boardgames that use magnetic pieces.


Incorporate full-floor games

There are many ways to gamify a room's floor. The easiest and most straight forward options are to make or buy a giant checkered board that could be used for checkers or chess, or to create a basic indoor bowling lane with a plastic bowling set. A more elaborate option is to install a mini-golf set or a high-tech with motion-activated projectors that make floor surfaces into interactive games with lights and sound. Whatever your budget and preferences, great game room ideas could be right under your nose.

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Get creative with decor

Think about the kind of style you want your game room to have. Are you going for a classy speak-easy bar vibe or a more casual comic book atmosphere? Neon and LED lighting are perfect additions to videogamers haven. A game room is also a perfect spot to showcase your collectibles and hobbies: action figures, framed comic books, and sports paraphernalia are excellent additions to your entertainment space. If things might get a little rowdy in your game room, install soundproof wall panels in a geometric design for a touch of practical decor.


Play with lighting

Depending on the types of games you want to play, you'll need different kinds of lighting. Warm, overhead lights are your best option for tabletop games, but if electronic games are your entertainment of choice, swap out practical white lights for LED strips and wall lamps. In general, installing a light dimmer is a good idea so you can control the atmosphere of the room.


Organizing a game room

Game rooms get cluttered. Before you make your recreational space, think about any shelving or storage option you may want to include. An entertainment unit built into the wall around a wall-mounted TV can store every video game and console as well as board games. Storage can also be decorative: use floating shelves to display your favorite board games, or install small shelves or racks to display wireless video game controllers when they're not in use.


Add a drinks and snacks corner

Gaming can work up an appetite, plus it's handy to have snacks readily available for game nights and tournaments. Some helpful ideas for storing food and drink include getting a mini-fridge, installing extra shelves, and setting up a home bar. For game rooms of any size though, folding bars are an especially great option because you can take them down when you don't need them.


Invest in what you’ll actually use

Don't waste game room space with stuff you probably won't use that much. Maybe adding gym equipment would look cool, but if you're not into exercise, why bother? Opt for activities you know you like that you do now. Or take a poll of what your friends like to play and get games that will be surefire hits.


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