More women are exploring the world on their own, especially those over the age of 50. According to travel experts, women choose to travel alone for particular reasons: freedom, independence, and the opportunity to create their own travel experience. With a long list of themed cruises to choose from--singles cruises, first-timer cruises, gourmet food cruises, and retirement cruises--women have the freedom of creating a personalized, ultimate getaway. Cruises offer a variety of all-inclusive packages to top destinations around the world.


1. The Seychelles Islands

Seychelles is a 115-island republic that lies just east of East Africa’s mainland, with the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean surrounding it. The islands are home to a vibrant art scene, exciting local cuisine, and exquisite silver-sand beaches. Visit the Aride Island Nature Reserve featuring more than one million seabirds from 10 different species. Browse the arts and crafts created by local artists on Mahe Island. Hike along the northeast coast of Silhouette Island to reach the spectacular Anse Mondon beach.

East Africa Seychelles coast TPopova / Getty Images

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