Trendsetter and hairstylist Paul McGregor created the shag haircut for actress Jane Fonda in the 1970s. Celebrities like David Bowie and even actress Florence Henderson, mom of the Brady Bunch, picked up the style. Now, almost fifty years later, West Coasters are calling it "the San Francisco haircut." It's a versatile haircut for which stylist Jayne Matthews of Edo Salon has become famous in the 21st century. She says she is booked months in advance by clients from around the world.


1. The Original Shag and 1970s Style

In the 1970s, the shag cut from New York's East Village was just what celebrities were looking for: a patterned cut that was loosely constructed to look casual. Longer hair was in at the time, so it was perfect for rockers and TV personalities. Shag cuts straddled the line between male and female, with rockers Rod Stewart and Patti Smith sporting similar hair.

jane fonda 1970s shag style Ian Gavan / Getty Images

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