Bluetooth is a short-range way to connect multiple devices together wirelessly. The original purpose of Bluetooth technology was to create wireless headsets. Original designs took inspiration from two inventions from Johan Ullman. In 1999, the first consumer Bluetooth device, a hands-free mobile headset, became available to the public. Many people wonder exactly how Bluetooth devices are able to connect and interact without cables. Though it is simple to set up Bluetooth connections, the technology behind them is complex.


1. Making A Connection

When two devices need to form a connection, they must agree on two levels. On the physical level, the devices need some way to send information to each other. Bluetooth achieves this via radio signals around the 2.4 GHz frequency. On a protocol level, both devices need a set of commands and responses that they both understand. Bluetooth uses a packet-based protocol with a master/slave architecture. Essentially, this means that one device controls other devices on the network and they communicate by dividing data into small packages that they can send back and forth.

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