Once a woman reaches her 50s, she tends to know who she is. This is also the perfect time to explore a fresh look, starting with a new hairstyle. Forget the old adage that women need to act or look their age. Choose a cut and length that you love, one that flatters your face shape. Think of short hairstyles as rejuvenating and anti-aging. The right one can even be super easy to maintain. Add layers if you want more volume. Change the color for a dramatic touch-up. There are no rules when it comes to trying out snazzy new styles.

Layered bobs

A jaw-length, layered bob adds texture and is perfect for oval, square, or heart-shaped faces. Varying lengths increase dimension and volume. Add side-swept bangs for additional sass.

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Ear-length blunt cuts

Chic, stylish, and the perfect every-occasion hairstyle, the blunt cut is for women who prefer a simple but elegant look. Short, ear-length styles liven up the face. Bangs shorten longer faces and broad foreheads.

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Short, layered crop cut

Feminine, natural-looking crop cuts add texture and depth with choppy, spiked layers that taper at the neck. Comb the hair forward from the crown to enhance the layers even more.

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Graduated bob

If you have a slimmer face and neck, this sleek cut is a perfect choice. Stacked layers create a shorter and more voluminous style in the back that’s longer in the front. The graduated bob works well on all face shapes and hair textures.

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Wedge cut

Women with thicker hair will love this short, retro style from the 1970s. Multiple layers in the back are angled at the neck. The more severe the angle, the more dramatic the look. The sides are usually longer, about chin-length or just above.

wedge hair cut style


Deva cut

Embrace your natural curls with a stylish, trendy Deva cut. The stylist achieves the look by cutting individual curls at an angle to maintain the hair’s natural, curly pattern. Gray hair can add additional depth and contrast.

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Messy beach waves

Texture and volume work together to create a polished yet relaxed style you can learn to do at home, plus it works on any chin-length, bob-style cut. If you don’t mind using a flat-iron or a curling iron to create the waves, you can achieve this style. It's just as flattering for fuller faces as slimmer ones.

waves in short hair



Edgy, versatile, and fun, the pompadour cut allows you to easily change your style for any occasion. Slick back the top and sides for a more dramatic look. Add volume at the crown with a round brush and your blow dryer. Or, create bangs by blow-drying the hair forward, over the forehead.

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Shag cut

If your hair has a natural wave, try a casual, effortless, shag-style cut — they never seems to go out of style. Shags work perfectly with shorter hair, adding layers that frame your face. Achieve this style by cutting choppy layers from the front to the back.

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For those women who are ready to make a bold, youthful statement, the undercut may be the answer for dramatically changing your look. Wear this style sleek or messy, combing it to either side or toward the front. The undercut’s versatility only adds to its flair.


Feathered and cropped

Thick hair can be a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. A short, cropped hairstyle with feathered layers shows off your ample locks and creates an elegant, chic look. Add volume with root lift style sprays.

feathered short hair cut


Disconnected pixie

Stylists use razor tools to achieve this trendy freehand layering style. They cut hair segments at angles to create isolated layers to add lots of movement. If you want to get rid of bulk and add volume, this is the route to go.

soft layered pixie cut



Neither a lob nor a bob, the clavicut offers a face-framing style with strands that drop down in the front, just enough to slightly touch your collarbone. If you are trying to avoid layers and aren’t ready to go super-short, this is a great option.

long bob clavicut


Classic pixie

Extra-short, ear-length layers are easy to style with a salt spray or putty and a quick tousle. Or, wear a super-short, cropped style instead. Not only do pixie cuts work on any hair texture, but they also look great on oval, square, round, or heart-shaped faces. This cut also enhances elegant, long necks. Add highlights for more drama.

classic pixie haircut for older women


Side-swept fringe

For women with fuller faces, consider a super-short, layered cut with bangs, swept to the side. This fringe works especially well with pixie cuts that have some volume at the crown and directs attention to the eyes.


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