What is incomplete dominance, you ask? It is a particular expression of gene interactions. Therefore, before we discuss the category of incomplete dominance, we need to touch on genetics and how it works. All living things, from humans to trees to bacteria, contain genes. These are tiny bits of information that make grass green or your skin freckled. They determine everything from the shape of your eyes to what allergies you may have. These genes are in the DNA which makes up chromosomes. This structure is vital to understanding incomplete dominance.


1. Alleles and Their Expression

Alleles are genes that occur in pairs and make up the chromosomes of all living things. When both members of the pair are identical, they are homogeneous. If they are different, they are heterogeneous. When heterogeneous pairs occur, one may be dominant over the other, and mask the expression of the recessive allele. Variations of this relationship will be covered later in the article.

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