The Latin word gravitas means weight and gives us the word "gravity," which is the force that gives objects their weight. It is also the root of "gravitate," a word that describes what gravity does: make objects gravitate towards each other. It's what keeps humans on Earth and keeps the Earth in its place in the solar system. Although ancient philosophers questioned why objects fell centuries ago, scientists still have questions about how gravity works today.


1. What is Gravity?

In the most simple terms, gravity is a force that attracts two bodies towards each other. Everything that has matter, meaning everything that can be touched, has a gravitational pull. This includes apples, humans and the Earth. Despite the term zero gravity, it's impossible to escape gravitational forces. Astronauts are still affected by gravity, but they're moving sideways so quickly that they're not getting closer to the center of the planet and are in a constant state of free fall.

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