Narcissism is a personality disorder that most apparently manifests itself in an individual's ability to listen. Narcissism is defined as "excessive interest in oneself," and this trait can make it difficult for individuals to acknowledge or pay attention to others. Instead, the role of other people in the life of a person with narcissism is to provide praise, encouragement, support, and admiration. Extreme narcissism can cross over into a mental illness called narcissistic personality disorder, where a person is driven by a need for approval, and neither understands or cares about the feelings of others.


1. Common Narcissist Traits

Narcissism can typically be recognized by the way in which a person interacts with others.

  • One-sided Listening: They typically do not care to hear anybody else's opinion, especially if it disagrees with their own.
  • Selfishness: They will put themselves first above all others.
  • Ruthlessness: The desire to see themselves succeed or do well means they may act in a cold or even cruel manner.
  • Thin-skinned: They take criticism very personally and can often respond in a volatile fashion.
  • Prone to angry outbursts: When feeling threatened, people with narcissism typically lash out angrily, and may become violent.

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