Venomous snakes can be found almost anywhere in the world. Their powerfully dangerous properties have been the subject of human fascination for thousands of years. While it’s not likely that you’ll die of a venomous bite any time soon, it’s always helpful to know a dangerous reptile when you see one. Also, pay attention to the LD50 values for the snakes listed. LD50, which means lethal dose 50%, is the amount of venom required to kill 50% of test mice. A number of less than 300 mg/kg is considered highly toxic.


1. King Cobra

While they may not have the most potent venom, they inject enough of it into one bite to cause serious issues. One bite is almost 1.5 teaspoons worth of venom, which is enough to kill 20 people. The king cobra has an LD50 of 1.31 to 1.93 mg/kg. The venom attacks the central nervous system, leaving victims with blurred vision, drowsiness, and eventual paralysis, followed by death. The king cobra comes with quite the reputation, but this may not be entirely fair: they usually have a placid disposition and are not aggressive.

Venomous snakes king cobra LenSoMy / Getty Images

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