Our solar system is full of amazing places, but one of the most breathtaking must be the planet Saturn. This gas giant holds a special place in the imagination of space-enthusiasts everywhere thanks to its banded atmospheric clouds and stunning rings. The sixth planet from the sun, Jupiter orbits far from Earth beyond the asteroid belt. Despite the distance, scientists have learned a lot of interesting facts about this popular planet over many years of study.


1. It's the Second-Largest Planet in the Solar System

This beautiful ringed planet is truly huge. When it comes to size, Saturn is second only to Jupiter in our solar system. Its average radius is nine times bigger than Earth's, and thanks to its volume it is also 95 times more massive. Mostly composed of hydrogen and helium, the planet has no definite surface. However, scientists think that it may have a solid core.

Saturn is a beautiful planet. inhauscreative / Getty Images

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