Growing wild since the days of the Greek gods, the Hyacinth is a lovely bell-shaped flower that resembles a starfish when its petals are fully open. Its hardy nature makes the hyacinth an easy plant to grow, even for beginners. Hyacinths come in a rainbow of colors, smell incredible and look like cheerful stars every afternoon while in bloom, adding a touch of joy to any sunny spot in a garden.


1. The Early History of Hyacinths

Possessing a strong, heady fragrance, the Hyacinth is native to the tropical regions of Africa and the countries bordering the Mediterranean, including southern France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Greece, Croatia, and Turkey. It's in these lands of fertile soil, above-average rainfall, and temperate climate that the Hyacinth, along with other lush flowering plants, thrived.

Purple Hyacinths Growing Wild Yvonne Wacht / Getty Images

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