The amaryllis, with its trumpet-shaped blossoms and deep vibrant colors, is considered to be a floral symbol of the winter holidays. Luckily, the amaryllis only looks like a hothouse diva. Thanks to its easy growing nature, the amaryllis is easy to take care of.

They can bloom indoors during the winter and outdoors during the spring and summer, so you can plant them in your house and your garden for months of fresh, cheerful blossoms.


1. The Greek Legend About Amaryllis

According to Greek mythology, Amaryllis was a young woman madly in love with the handsome but cold Alteo. Hoping to catch his eye and heart, Amaryllis used a golden arrow to pierce her heart, shedding drops of blood as she walked to his home. She repeated this for thirty days. On the 30th day, scarlet flowers appeared where her blood dripped. This demonstration of love won over the heart of her beloved, who named those flowers after her.

Golden Arrow knorre / Getty Images

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