Plants impart much more than aesthetic delight; they are beneficial for our physical and mental health. Greenery can freshen the air and eliminate toxins. Furthermore, research suggests that indoor plants also boost concentration and reduce stress. Hanging plants makes efficient use of spaces and adds a life-enhancing touch to windows, bathrooms, and other living and work areas. Caring for plants can be a rewarding ritual that gives purpose as well. Invite nature’s beauty into your apartment, home, or office with these low-maintenance choices.


1. Bird’s nest fern

The bird’s nest fern has vivid green, blade-like leaves with rippled and crinkled edges. Its center of fronds grows in a rosette formation, creating a shape like a bird’s nest. It grows well in moist, but not wet, well-draining potting mix. The bird’s nest fern prefers indirect sunlight or shade and a warm, humid atmosphere such as the kitchen or bathroom. Be sure to water around the plant's base. Try placing this plant on a board to hang on a wall for a unique display.


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