Gardeners looking for vibrant bursts of color and dramatic blooms often turn to annuals. Annuals are flowers that must be planted every year to grow and bloom since they don’t survive the winter conditions in many zones. While they require more tending than hardy perennials, they dazzle with their showy displays and offer colors and varieties that are well worth the effort.


1. Celosia

Celosias are exciting additions to any garden or planter and are easy to grow. They need fertile soil with good drainage and moderate water. They’ll also need to be deadheaded, meaning the dying flowers will need to be removed to keep the plant perky and neat. If you’re starting your celosia by seed, it’s best to sow directly outside, since the plant doesn’t always take well to transplanting. It likes full sun or partial shade and is resistant to most pests. The pests that do attack the plant, such as mites, can be managed by adding natural predators like ladybugs.

Red flower amaranth family. Celosia plumose plant. Summer flowering plants in a flower bed. Sergei Telenkov / Getty Images

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