Anyone looking to add a bold statement to their garden or flowerbed should consider flowers with a fiery hue. Red is a beautiful, bold color that adds a fierce tone to any garden. Red flowers work perfectly as a bright centerpiece or as an accent to other plants, and there are plenty of seasonal choices that can work with your climate. Regardless of the bloom you choose, you can’t go wrong with red.

Chinese fringe flowers

Not every beautiful flower requires tons of maintenance. Chinese fringe flower is an evergreen shrub that is incredibly drought resistant and makes for a great perennial border. As spring arrives, the shrubs bloom with long, unique petals that pop against the darker blue-greens of the plant itself. Chinese fringe flowers grow best in moist, well-draining soil with plenty of sun.

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If you want a flower with variety, look no further than dianthus plants. These beautiful cottage flowers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Some of the most interesting flowers have large blotches of rich reds or rings of color along the outside of the petals. As they bloom, they let off a spicy-but-sweet floral scent. Some varieties bloom in the spring, while others may bloom early in the summer.

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Cardinal flowers

When other flowers are dying in the blazing summer heat, cardinal flowers are just beginning to bloom. They grow best in rich, moist soil that should never dry out. Cardinal flowers stand out from the crowd with brilliant red, trumpet-like blooms, making them a striking addition to any garden or home. You can expect your cardinal flowers to begin blooming in early summer and peak later in the season.


Four o’clock

Fans of classically beautiful flowers may recognize four o’clocks, as they have been a garden favorite for many years. This plant’s interesting name comes from its blooming habits. As its name implies, the flower opens up mid-afternoon and closes as the morning arrives. Four o’clock flowers are long and tubular, with trailing green stems. Many flowers have multiple colors, including many shades of red or dynamic flecks of various other pigments. You can expect blooms for this highly fragrant flower in midsummer.

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Passion flowers

With over 400 species, passion flowers are as varied as they are beautiful. Different species of passion flowers bloom in different seasons, so make sure to choose one that blooms in the fall. For rich-colored red flowers in the fall, consider planting the Lady Margaret or red passion flower varieties. Passion flowers can climb to great heights, so make sure they have plenty of room to grow.

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Sometimes, flowers can feel a little too vibrant and don’t fit the tone of an area. Sneezeweed flowers are colorful enough to be appealing without overpowering your garden with color. Their showy petals can bloom in an array of shades, from lighter yellows to deep reds. They also attract butterflies, making them a wonderful addition to any rustic garden. Depending on the variety, they begin blooming in the summer or early fall.

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Lenten rose

Despite its name, this gorgeous plant is unlike any of the red roses you’re used to seeing. Their flowers hang downward, like little umbrellas for the plant below. In addition to coming in many different colors, lenten roses also sometimes have unique markings like freckling or veining that add to their overall aesthetic. Two of the best red varieties are Anna’s Red and Red Lady, which both bloom in late winter to early spring.

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Camellia plants are somewhat infamous for being demanding and picky plants, but their elegant flowers are well worth the trouble. Few flowers can compete with the beauty and vibrancy that camellias bring to a garden. Favorites like Kramer’s Supreme and Yuletide bring a festive red color to the cold winter months. If you want to add a statement flower to your garden and don’t mind the extra work, it’s hard to say no to camellias.

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This perennial shrub’s flowers are so gentle and alluring that they also carry the name “fairy wings.” Despite their fragile appearance, barrenworts aren’t as delicate as they seem. They can thrive in soil that ranges from dry to wet and can resist rough conditions. Newer varieties of barrenwort have longer stalks that emphasize their flowers, adding to their already notable charm. Some even develop more intense colors as they take in more sun.

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Moth orchid

Let’s face it: not everyone is an expert gardener that can perfectly raise any plant. Thankfully, moth orchids are inexpensive, easy to care for, and delicately beautiful. Its small blooms resemble moths or butterflies thanks to their unique shapes and intriguing patterns. The flowers can also last through multiple seasons, giving you something wonderful to look at for months to come. Moth orchids make the perfect gift for friends or family who love flowers but can’t seem to keep them going.

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