Orchids are one of the world’s most recognizable plants with their beautiful exotic flowers. There are over 22,000 species of orchid, so they come in an array of different shapes, colors, and sizes. This makes them a great decorative flower for any home. But orchids look so delicate that many people assume they are difficult to grow. The truth is that orchids are actually an easy plant to care for; they’re just different. If you learn how to look after your orchid, you will be rewarded with gorgeous flowers that bloom for months every year.


1. What Makes Orchids Different

Orchids are very different from traditional potted plants, and understanding how they grow in the wild will help you care for your orchid at home. These unusual plants are known as epiphytes or air plants, which means that in their natural tropical habitat they actually hang on trees. Trees give orchids support and allow their roots to breathe. They take in small amounts of food from organic matter rotting in the bark and crooks of branches. But most of an orchid’s nutrients and water comes from moisture in the humid jungle air. Orchids have adapted to times of receiving large amounts of water and times of dryness by storing water in their stems.

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