Jade plants were trendy in the 1970s. Known as money plants, people considered them good luck, and they were often given as housewarming gifts to bestow good fortune on their owners.

Thankfully the jade plant is making a comeback. This is probably due to how attractive it is with its deep-green oval-shaped leaves, thick woody stem, and the white flowers that bloom in winter. And the good news is that you don’t have to be lucky to grow jade plants. Follow a few simple guidelines, and you will be rewarded with a thriving plant that will last for years.


1. Jade Plants Need Space

Under the right conditions, jade plants can live for decades, even up to 100 years. They often become a part of the family that gets passed down from generation to generation. Because of this and their continuous growth, it’s not unusual for jade plants to end up 12 feet in height and spread to over 3 feet wide. However, don’t panic as the growth rate is very slow. If you have a small jade plant, it will take many years to reach these proportions. But you will have to find somewhere in your home where your plant will have plenty of space to grow.

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