At first, the view of deer peacefully grazing in your yard may be appealing. But homeowners and gardeners familiar with these hooved creatures know that they can quickly decimate the gardens you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. No plant is completely deer-proof, but you can discourage deer from feasting on your flower beds. In addition to options like motion-activated sprinklers and fences, planting deer-resistant shrubs and plants will help you keep your flora thriving.


1. Marigold

Allelopathy is a defense mechanism plants use to protect their space by releasing chemicals through their leaves. As a rule, deer avoid these types of plants. The gold, copper, or brass-colored marigold is an annual and a perfect border plant to deter deer from snacking on other less-resistant plants in your garden. They’re easy to grow, work in just about any type of soil, and thrive in hot, dry conditions. Remove dead flowers to encourage continued blooming.

flowers in the garden elenaleonova / Getty Images

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