Dogs have some behaviors that seem strange at first, but there's usually an underlying reason behind them. Shaking, shivering, and trembling are one of those signs. The reasons range from the obvious to the obscure, but dogs don't shake just for the fun of it. Some of the reasons are even the same the reasons humans do it, such as shivering from cold. It's important to figure out why your dog is shaking since sometimes it can be an early symptom of a serious health problem.


1. To Dry Off and Stay Warm

Everyone has seen a dog give a big, full-body shake to spray off water after a swim or bath. Most dogs have coats that are pretty efficient at shedding water, but a full soak will still get under their slick top hairs. Dogs instinctively dislike this feeling, and shaking is one of the most efficient ways to dry off. Dogs also shiver from the cold, so you may notice some tremor-like shaking after a particularly cold swim or if the weather is too cold for your dog's comfort.

Border collie shaking after swim mayalain / Getty Images

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