If you're the owner of a cat or have been around them, you've probably seen them sneeze for a number of different reasons. Sometimes it's not just sneezing, but a series of sneezes one after the other, much like what we do. Cats sneeze for some of the same reasons, such as dust and pollen, but sometimes it can be a little more than just an itch in the nose. Here are a few things to look out for if your furry friend has you saying "Gesundheit!"


1. Can chemicals cause my cat to sneeze?

Cats have a far more refined sense of smell than humans do, and they use it much more than we do to explore the world around them. Chemicals in the air, such as air freshener, body spray, or smoke, can agitate their heightened sensitivity. If your cat is sneezing more when something is sprayed, it may be worth it to check to see whether your products are pet-friendly.

cats sneeze porpeller / Getty Images

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