Few things are as cute as the sight of a kitten or even an adult cat hiding in a box peering out at the world with huge round eyes. But for all its universal and heart-melting cuteness, just why do cats like boxes? It doesn't matter what toys and treats are bought for the little feline, the thing a cat seems to like more than anything else is simply to get inside the cardboard box it came in. So just why do cats love to get into a cardboard box?


1. Comfort and security

Perhaps not surprisingly, a box gives a cat a feeling of comfort and safety. Most of us do things habitually that make us feel secure, and that gives us comfort in some way, and of course, our feline friends aren't incredibly different in this basic need. Importantly, a box encloses the cat so nothing can creep up from behind. Any animal looking to pick a fight must approach from the front thus placing itself directly in the cat's line of sight giving the cat it a distinct advantage.

Why do cats love boxes? FilippoBacci / Getty Images

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