Cairn terriers are among the 100 most popular dogs in America, according to the American Kennel Club. Like most terriers, these pups pack plenty of personality into their small frames. Originally bred to control vermin, their intelligence and easiness to train have seen many of them end up on the silver screen. Toto, Dorothy's companion in The Wizard of Oz, was a cairn terrier that typified the curiosity, adaptability, and bravery of the breed.


1. Cairn Terriers at a Glance

Cairn terriers are a small working dog of the terrier family. When fully grown they're 9-10 inches tall and weigh 13-14 pounds. They have a compact body and short legs covered by a shaggy, double coat, which can come in any color except for white. Their undercoat is thick and soft, while the outercoat is waterproof to protect them from the weather in their native Scotland. Their average life expectancy is twelve to fifteen years.

Small dogs of terrier family CaitlinGarvey / Getty Images

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