Seeing even small amounts of blood in a dog's stools is a concerning event for any dog owner. It's even more alarming if your dog suddenly develops diarrhea containing a large amount of blood. If this happens, your dog may have a serious condition called hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE). Any dog can get HGE whatever their age or breed. It's not known why certain dogs develop the condition. It's important to know the symptoms of HGE, as dogs with this illness can die without prompt treatment.


1. What Is Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis?

HGE occurs when large amounts of fluid pass into a dog's gut. This causes the dog to pass very large quantities of bloody diarrhea, usually very bright red as the blood it contains is fresh. If the dog has a very severe case, their stools may have so much blood in them that they look like raspberry jam. This usually happens suddenly, and there are rarely any warning signs that a dog is becoming unwell beforehand.

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