When you’re looking for the perfect addition to the family, it’s always good to find out about breeds in advance. As far as dogs go, there’s almost none better than an English bulldog. These lazy, loving pooches are perfect apartment dogs and also perfect family dogs. They just love their owners almost, if not more, than you’ll end up loving them. Spoiler: That’s a lot. Their unique personalities are just one of many reasons to own a bulldog. However, like all pedigree breeds, they do come with their own set of issues you should also know.


1. English Bulldog 101

There's no mistaking a bulldog. Their appearance is so unique that they stand out from the mastiffs they originated from and the other types of bulldog out there like Frenchies. Bulldogs are medium in size with short legs and a lot of skin and wrinkles. For the most part, they're tan and white but can, of course, be other colors. Either way, there's no way on earth you'd see a bulldog and think it any other breed. These guys are broad, strong, and love their wrinkles to be cleaned - which is something you're gonna have to do, a lot.

Bulldog wants to play marcoventuriniautieri / Getty Images

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