While both large and small dogs have their charms, a good, medium-sized dog can be an excellent companion. Medium dogs are big enough to keep up with active lifestyles, yet small enough to be easily manageable with the right care and training. Medium-size dogs have a variety of energy levels, personality types, and appearances so almost anyone can find one that meets their needs. If you're considering a new canine companion, take a look at these popular medium breeds.


1. Dalmatian

With their bold black or liver-colored spots against a crisp white coat, these distinctive dogs are easily identifiable at a glance. Dalmatians were originally bred to run alongside coaches and carriages, which makes them an excellent choice if you enjoy hiking or distance running. They also used to guard the stables at night so they can be aloof towards strangers and unfamiliar dogs. However, they're affectionate with people they know and are great with children.

Three Dalmatians in tall grass ClarkandCompany / Getty Images

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