Ask any dog owner the one downside of sharing a home with their canine BFF, and they'll likely say it's all the dog hair that collects on furniture, floors, and clothing. For many dog lovers, shedding is just part of the trade-off for all the positive aspects of having a pet. But pet dander can significantly exacerbate allergies, and for this reason, some people avoid adding a dog to their household. Although most dogs shed, some breeds shed very little, and other breeds don't shed at all.


1. Schnauzers

Coming in miniature, standard, and giant, the Schnauzer is an intelligent, bouncy breed of dog. The Schnauzer's lack of shedding comes from their distinctive two-layer coats. With a unique shape, and a reputation for loyalty, whatever size dog you're after, a Schnauzer could just be the answer to your no-shed needs. Schnauzers do require regular grooming, however, and you have to make sure that you give their mustache a trim too!

do schnauzers shed Capuski / Getty Images

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