There's no doubt that dogs can be pretty silly animals. From chasing their tails to getting so relaxed they fall off the couch, most dog owners have seen their four-legged friends engage in some ridiculous behavior. However, some canines can be hiding a surprising amount of intelligence behind that goofy exterior. It's hard to measure intelligence in dogs fully, so no experts fully agree on what the smartest breeds are. Most base it on criteria such as problem-solving ability and trainability. These are consistently considered the smartest dog breeds in the world.


1. Border Collies

Bred to herd sheep, this Scottish breed is known for its workaholic nature and independent streak. If its owner doesn't give a border collie a proper job, there's a good chance it will find one to do by itself. Sometimes that can be a bad thing, such as when the dog chooses to herd children. However, with an active owner willing to provide plenty of mental stimulation, these dogs make great pets. Many of them excel in agility, search and rescue, and flyball in addition to herding.

Black-and-white border collie jumping s5iztok / Getty Images

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