Head into any bodega worth its salt, and you're sure to find a beloved bodega cat. Some bodega cats are like mascots and help boost the mood of anyone who pops in to buy snacks. Others defend the shop from mice and other vermin. These fluffy guardians can be seen prowling around the aisles, napping in boxes, and being generally adorable. One Twitter account has dedicated itself to spreading as many images of these perfect, fluffy friends as possible and will definitely light up your day.

Snoozing after a lunch of noodles

Everyone's got their favorite flavor of ramen, and this cutie is no exception. Of course, chicken is objectively the best choice, so clearly, this cat is a feline of top-tier taste.


A cat that can reach those high shelves

This cute cat's incredibly scratchable belly, ridiculous fluffiness, and extreme size have even made Tony the Tiger jealous. How do you get any work done when this fluffy giant is just begging for attention?


Lil Kitty and his music partner

Some cats are cute, others are majestic, and some are in a duo that's about to drop the hottest single of the year. This stylish man and cat with heterochromia are just a few bits of text short of an album cover.


Grabbing some fishy lunch

What are you looking at? This is just an everyday bodega cat grabbing a quick bite on his lunch break.


This cat could've been in The Shining

No need for security when the world's most frightening cat is on the job. This fluffy nightmare may exude threatening energy, but we all know there's a heart of gold hidden within all that fur.


A beautiful ode to 2020

After a year of social distancing, this cat may just be the most relatable animal around. The paw on the glass. The slightly melancholic stare. This picture is truly a work of art.


Sleeping with the (gold)fishes

Everyone knows that cats love fish, so it only makes sense that this one would plop down on its favorite snack. Notice the one open eye making sure you don't steal any of its treasures.


Kitty wants its sweet treats

If you lived in a shop full of snacks and treats, you'd develop a sweet tooth, too. It seems like this kitty has a taste for more extreme candy, opting for something sour and crunchy.


I.T. cat can send your faxes

Nothing is better than a cat with a job, and this cutie is your I.T. specialist. You'll never have to worry about paper jams or low toner in this bodega.


Playing around in the shop

Pop into any bodega, and you're bound to find a cat lounging around. However, the true magic is seeing someone who legitimately loves their kitty and lets them have some fun.


Caught sneaking around

"Peekaboo!" This adorable little critter likes to sneak around under the shelves and see what shoppers are up to. Few things are as fun as some kitty hide-and-seek with your local bodega cat.


Sophie knows what she likes

If Sophie fits, she sits. She knows exactly what she likes: small boxes, napping and ignoring you. But giving you the cold shoulder only makes her cuter.


A flavor-packed bed

Who hasn't dreamed of napping amongst their favorite snacks? A tiny kitty is living its best life on a bed of snack packs. This is probably the first time we're thankful for all that air in chip bags.


Weighing a fluffy friend

Some people might think that the scale is busted because there's no way that this is worth zero dollars. However, it's actually indicating that this adorable friend is absolutely priceless.


Everyone needs ice cream for their birthday

What's a better way to celebrate your birthday than with silly hats and some ice cream? Make sure to give this kitty its birthday present: lots of pets and scratches.

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